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View some frequently asked questions about the services provided by the Office of Employee Assistance (OEA) below.
What services do you provide?
Short-term counseling, crisis intervention, information, training, education and referral as well as management consultation.

What does it cost?
There are no charges for the services of OEA.

Who may use your services?
Employees of the City and certain other agencies such as the Art Museum, Denver Health Medical Center, and the Denver Housing Authority. Employee's immediate family members are also eligible as well as retirees.

Are your services confidential?
Yes. Confidentiality may not apply when clients threaten grave harm to themselves or others and when the counselor learns of child abuse.

Are there exceptions to confidentiality?
Yes. Confidentiality may not apply when clients threaten grave harm to themselves or others and when the counselor learns of child abuse.

Where are you located?
In its offices at 1625 Broadway, Suite 760. No other City offices are located there. Sometimes our client just needs a phone consultation. OEA may provide on-site services for special situations.

What are some of the reasons people come to you?
Frequently, people want to work on problems they're having with their supervisor or co-worker. They also come for marriage, family and child-rearing issues, managing disabiities, helping aging parents, working through grief and crises and dealing with substance abuse. Often they just want to know about resoucres for legal, housing and financial problems. We don't have the answer for everything, but we do try to help people find the resouces they may need.

Do you offer financial assistance?
Please visit the Denver Employee Emergency Program section.  Employees do find us helpful with referrals to resouces in the community that may offer the help they need. 
Do you offer legal assistance?
Employee Assistance Counselors are not lawyers. They can help you sort through your isses and refer you to lawyers.

How can you help me if I have a problem with alcohol or drugs?
We do not provide treatment for alcohol and substance abuse problems, since that is best provided by comprehensive programs rather than individual therapists. We can help you evaluate your situation, and, if necessary, work with your health insurance company and make a referral to the program that best meets your needs. When you are in treatment, we will give you all the backup support you need.

What do I do if I would like to use your services?
Call OEA at 720-913-3200. You need no one's permission. A counselor will speak with you and schedule an appointment, if necessary.

Who are  your counselors?
OEA provides two graduate-trained, well-credentialed Employee Assistance Counselors. See "Meet your Counselors" within OEA's website for more details.

What is the style of counseling?
Our counselors use solution-focused, short-term techniques. This means that they address your problems and goals over a period of about one to six sessions, depending on your situation. They emphasize your strengths and help you make the changes you decide to make.

Do you keep any records?
Yes. OEA keeps both hard copy and electronic records of its client activities. No one except OEA has access to these records. Hard copy is kept under a double lock and key system, and it takes two passwords to access electronic records.

What kind of leave can I use to go to an appointment at the Office of Employee Assistance?
If you want to keep your appointment confidential, ask for sick leave or vacation time, just as you would for any doctor's appointment. We have extended our hours in the morning and early evening to increase access of our services as much as possible.

What is your connection with "Cancer Buddies"?
OEA established "Cancer Buddies" to assist City employees and their family members who are struggling with cancer by connecting them with cancer survivors ("Cancer Buddies"). Call OEA if you or someone in your family is struggling with cancer or if you would like to volunteer to be a "Cancer Buddy". Please look at "CANCER BUDDIES" within the OEA website.

Can my supervisor make me go to the Office of Employee Assistance?
Generally, no. The OEA does manage disciplinary actions related to Stipulations and Agreements and Commerical Drivers License holders, this is separate from a supervisory referral.