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The Office of Employee Assistance (OEA) will provide services to all City employees affected by the budget reduction. Specifically, a layoff is one of the most stressful life events that can happen. If laid off, OEA will provide services until re-employed or reinstated.

All change is stressful. Stress affects each person differently. The affects can last for weeks or months. It's important to know the signs of extreme stress:

  • Having diffculty concentrating  
  • Sleeping less  
  • Always feeling tired  
  • Unexpected emotional reactions (i.e., crying, anger, impatience)  
  • Taking longer than usual to recover from common illnesses  
  • Feeling depressed  
  • Thinking or talking about suicide  
  • Anxiety, or worrying that is non-productive 

    To help you function as best as possible during significant life events, many experts recommend the following: 

    Maintain your self-confidence.

    Research has shown that the more confidence people have in themselves and their abilities, the better they manage significant life changes. 

    Look for something positive in the change.
    While it is impossible to ignore the downside of a furlough, being negative for extended periods of time is destructive to yourself and those around you. Find something positive about the situation; find the lesson that will help you later. 

    Build and maintain your support system.
    A close network of family and friends can help you through life's toughest challenges. This is a time to seek support, not shy away from it. It is also a time to lend support when you can. Being supportive to others can relieve the load on your shoulders for a while. 

    Stay Healthy  
    In addition to family support, good health is your best asset. If you exercise, don't stop. If you don't exercise, now is a good time to consider starting. 

    Don't rely on alcohol or drugs.
    Drinking or using drugs is never a good way to cope with stress. In fact, it usually only creates more problems. 

    Ask for help when you need it.
    At the Office of Employee Assistance, we want to be able to help you through these difficult times. Our office, along with other City Agencies, has coordinated to assist you in getting through this.  Our services are always confidential and free of charge. Our main number for 24-hour service is 720-913-3200.