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The City and County of Denver has a vital interest in maintaining a safe, healthy and efficient environment for its employees and the public. With that in mind the City has developed a comprehensive policy on the use of alcohol as it affects the workplace and on the possession, use or sale of illegal drugs. For details please see Executive Order 94, City and County of Denver Employees' Alcohol and Drug Policy, and rules of the Career Service Authority.

Under some circumstances employees who test positive for alcohol or illegal substances in the workplace are given a chance to rehabilitate themselves. They may be offered a Stipulation and Agreement, an agreement that instead of being disciplined they will come to the Office of Employee Assistance (OEA) for an evaluation and referral to a treatment program. They are closely monitored to ensure that they are fulfilling their treatment requirements. They are also subject to unannounced tests in the workplace over the course of at least a year. If they fail to comply with treatment or test positive in the workplace again, they are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.
Employees who are aware that they have a problem with alcohol or drugs, whether legal or illegal, are encouraged to contact OEA for evaluation and referral to a treatment provider. It is much better for them to begin treatment voluntarily than to wait until treatment is required for them to keep their jobs. OEA counselors are glad to meet with such employees and talk with them about the treatment options they have. You can be assured that no one will know.