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To audit an individual position, an employee must analyze the type and level of duties and responsibilities assigned to the position. This could include a review of: 
  • Work processes
  • Materials processed
  • Actions taken
  • Tools used
  • Supervision exercised and received
View the individual audit request form to learn more about the process and submit your request. If you have any questions contact  Alena Martinez at (720) 913-5726.

 Reallocation vs. Promotion Minimize
Reallocation Promotion
Filled Position Vacant Position
Duties gradually changed over time Completely new set of duties
Pay grade may become higher, lower or remain the same Higher pay grade
No pay increase Minimum 6.9% pay increase
Must meet minimum qualifications of proposed class Candidate must be within the top fifteen on the eligible list for certification
No probationary period Probationary period required