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Hiring Center
Get help and information on hiring new employees.

Service Requests
Learn about different services available from Facilities, office space, and Technology Services and how to place requests.

Payroll Administration
Find forms, FAQs, and other resources for timesheet administration.

Performance Management (PEP/PEPr/ePerformance) 
Manage performance reviews, probation periods, and more. Access PEP/PEPR Templates and learn more about ePerformance.

Supervisor Assistance
View specific programs for supervisors offered by the Office of Employee Assistance.

Personnel Action Guide
Learn about completing Personnel Actions, required attachments; and the differences between the various types of Personnel Actions entered into PeopleSoft by OHR Records.

Position Request Process

Complete the Position Request Form to fill, change, create or abolish a position

Principles and Guidelines for Hiring, Developing and Managing Great Leaders
This document explains the City’s philosophy, defines the qualities of good leadership, and offers specific actions to take to ensure accountability when managers are hiring, on‐boarding, training/developing, and managing the performance of other supervisors and managers.


Supervisor Training Courses and Programs

For schedule and course descriptions, please log in to your Denver City Employee University (CityU) account for dates, times and locations.

Required Supervisory Training Courses
  • SS2 CSA Rules, Sexual Harassment & Employment Law 
  • SS5 PEP Workshop
  • SS6 Effective Counseling & Discipline

Safety Training for Supervisors (No charge for these classes, see alsoEmployee Training)

  • Incident Investigation for Supervisors
  • Ergonomic Awareness for Supervisors
  • Personal Protective Equipment for Supervisors
  • Fire Safety Awareness for Supervisors
  • Confined Space Awareness for Supervisors
  • Chemical Safety Awareness for Supervisors

Professional Development Programs
    • APEX
    • Emerging Leaders
    • Leadership Development Courses