Goals & Accomplishments




2012 Goals 

  • Identify and capitalize upon opportunties for cross-commission collaboration and education
    • Evaluate Commission 2012 Goals from all nine Commissions
    • Coordinate an Agency and Commission Advocacy Day
  • Agency Agenda - Inform and futher the Agency's agenda


2012 Accomplishments

  • Hosted a Community Townhall with Denver Police Department Chief Robert White - February
  • Coordinated a Commission Partnership Day for great cross-commission collaboration- May 


2011 Goals

  • Get involved in Legislative/Policy issues and help define a process by which the Board and Commissions can engage in advocacy at this level
  • Agency Agenda – inform and further the Agency's agenda
  • Identify opportunities for cross-commission collaboration and education


2011 Accomplishments 

  • Met with Denver Sheriff’s Department Director, Gary Wilson and Captain Frank Gale. Topics discussed included an update of the Marvin Booker investigation.  Director Wilson and Capt. Gale also took input from the Advisory Board members about the specific issues/opportunities in the various communities with the corrections process and institutions.
  • The Advisory Board coordinated a Use of Force training with the Denver Police Department 
  • Heard from the Denver Economic Prosperity Center about its programs and opportunities
  • Received presentations from the Denver Women's Commission, Denver African American Commission, Denver Latino Commission,
  • Met with new HRCP Director, Derek Okubo to discuss future Advisory Board functions
  • Hosted an HRCP Legislative Advocacy Workshop for all Commissioners

        CLICK HERE for the State Legislative Advocacy Flow Chart

        CLICH HERE for the FAQ on Legislative Advocacy