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Approved June 28, 2013 by the HRCP Advisory Board

Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships approves an Anti-Bullying Position statement.

HRCP is committed to maintaining human rights and dignity for all citizens of Denver.  The Agency of HRCP and the Commissions of the Mayor oppose any type of bullying or harassments, including gang behavior or violence against all people – children, youth, the elderly, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender individuals, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, and women and men from all races, ethnicities, and ethnocentrism cultures. This includes opposition to workplace bullying.  In addition, HRCP and Commissions supports Denver’s Code of Ethics (DRMC Section 2-51); Mayoral Executive Order No. 112, the Office of Human Resources Rule 15 pertaining to Code of Conduct, CRS 22-32-109.1(2) regarding safe school plans including conduct and discipline code, and House Bill 11-1254, a bill to reduce the frequency of bullying in Colorado schools.

Read the full statement here.