SNAP into Health is an initiative to bring healthy living to neighborhoods that need it most. Outreach specialists are now able to enroll eligible households in cash, food, and medical assistance programs on site though the new SNAP in to Health mobile unit.

Denver Human Services is joining together with several Community Partners to bring those in need additional supplemental resources beyond public assistance.

Check out Upcoming Events to see when we will be in near you!

Apply for Benefits in Your Neighborhood-Stapleton Recreation Center (5090 Broadway)

Come to the Stapleton Recreation center Every Wednesday in March from 1-3pm to apply for food, cash and medical benefits. Come out for minimal wait time. Eligible applicants can get an Electronic Benefits transfer (EBT) card immediately.

Next Month’s Stop: Aztlan Recreation Center (4435 Navajo St)

Every Wednesday in April find us at Aztlan Recreation Center from 1-3pm. 

SNAP into Health is working to make healthy food more assessable to your family. See when we will be in your neighborhood and apply for benefits. 

Check out HungerFreeColorado's Site for even more locations.

Form of Identification (One of the following for each person applying):

  • Birth Certificate
  • Drivers license 
  • Work or school identification card 
  • Health benefits identifications card
  • Voter registration card

Residency Forms (All applicable documents):

  • Rental agreement of mortgage statement, showing your address
  • Utility bills- telephone, electricity, gas, oil, water, sewage, garbage

Immigration Status (Only for those applying not born in the U.S.):

  • Immigration or Naturalization papers (NOT required if you are applying for your children who were born in the U.S.)

Earned Income (One of the items listed below):

  • Pay Stubs
  • Statment from employer as to gross wages
  • Income tax forms
  • Self-employment bookkeeping records

Unearned Income:

  • Bank statements (bank statement showing direct deposits) 
  • Child support documents (such as a court order or cancelled checks)
  • Unemployment compendation documents
  • Pension documents
  • Social Security letters and/or other documents
  • Veteran's assistance letters and/or other documents
  • Supplemental Security Income letters
  • Child care expense documents (such as cancelled checks)
  • Alimony letter
  • Retierment

Medical Expense forms (any that are applicable) :

  • Medical bills that you pay (if 60 years or older, or disabled)

SNAP into Health Denver Human Services Training for CBO

This training is for community based organizations to learn about eligibility determination and information regarding verifications for all the assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, and Cash Assistance. Child Support, CCAP, and LEAP representatives will also be present to give an overview of their programs. PEAK will also assist with training on the navigation.  In the future, we will incorporate more detail about the Medicaid expansion and open enrollment in October. If there is interest in registering for this training, please contact

Featured Partners

SNAP to Assistance

SNAP Into Health is built around nutritious lifestyle, healthcare access, financial independence and community partnerships.

Useful Phone Numbers

Child Abuse Hotline


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DHS Customer Service


Colorado Relay/TDD


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Foster Care


GIVE Denver

720-944-GIVE (4483)

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