Brighton Boulevard Corridor

As part of the efforts to improve Brighton Boulevard as a gateway to our city, the City of Denver completed the first phase of the parking/access study for Brighton Boulevard. The initial phase of the project involved survey work for a detailed mapping and right-of-way study, a detailed updated traffic analysis, and data collection documenting current and planned development.

The second phase has begun. More study details as well as the public meeting schedule will be provided soon. 

The project limits are along Brighton Boulevard from 29th Street to City limits on the north side of I-70. It is anticipated that there will be no impacts to pedestrian or vehicular traffic along the corridor during this study.

The Brighton Boulevard Redevelopment Project will set the vision and footprint for public multi-modal right-of-way improvements to the Brighton Boulevard Corridor, helping establish it as a gateway to Denver.

Additional information about the Brighton Boulevard Redevelopment Project. 


The first phase on the Brighton Boulevard Corridor Study been completed. Phase one involved survey work for a detailed mapping and right-of-way study, a detailed updated traffic analysis, and data collection documenting current and planned development. The effort in this phase was to gather the information and create the tools necessary for making a well thought out, balanced decision for the final cross section. The second phase of work has just begun and will use the information collected to provide further analysis and study of parcel specific access and parking issues. The goal of these two phases is to provide a finalized cross section for the corridor that can provide a clear vision for future development and infrastructure improvements along the corridor. It will be completed by the end of 2013.

The study is focused on the area between I-70 and downtown that serves as a gateway to Denver for visitors from Denver International Airport as well as a key links for community to I-70 and the upcoming 38th & Blake East Corridor Commuter rail station. This area is also part of the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative, a larger comprehensive envisioning effort by Mayor Hancock to energize a nearly 23-mile corridor that runs from Denver Union Station (DUS) to Denver International Airport (DIA) along I-70. There has been a surge of development along Brighton Boulevard in the past few years and a great amount of interest in improving this corridor to better serve the community.
The work the City is conducting now is to provide a clear vision for the future cross section of Brighton and begin to work toward initial conceptual design of the Corridor, but the City does not currently have any funding to reconstruct the street.

The current study is funded through City CIP – Capital Improvement Program & there is no current funding for reconstruction of Brighton Boulevard.

This study is focused on the future cross section of Brighton itself including roadway, median, turn lanes, curb and gutter as well as sidewalk as well as other potential amenities and mobility improvements. There are numerous studies that have been completed for the area; such as the River North Plan and the 38th & Blake Station Area Plan, as well as a number of current planning efforts; I-70 EIS; Globeville, Elyria/Swansea neighborhood plans and National Western Stock Show Complex redevelopment. These projects are being taken into consideration by this study and links are provided to learn more about each of these projects, but this study is not focused on land uses.

There have been a number of studies completed that include Brighton Boulevard.  For example the traffic study completed for the FasTracks East Corridor Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) determined the impacts of that project and changes needed to accommodate that new rail line.  The Brighton Boulevard Traffic study will build on previous work, extend the modeling to 48th Avenue and focus on changes needed on Brighton Boulevard.  The modeling will be one tool used in assessing alternatives to the Brighton Boulevard cross-section.

Links to all of the previously completed studies that included Brighton Boulevard are provide on this projects web site

The traffic study will not generate recommendations. It will be a tool used to test proposed changes to the corridor and determine the positive and negative impacts to traffic flow. The traffic impacts will be just one factor in determining the future of Brighton Boulevard.

In the first phase of analysis, the city studied the best way to provide for multimodal connectivity in a more constrained cross section versus a larger cross section, which would have impacts to adjacent properties. The cross sections from previous studies have been analyzed to provide a baseline for further work and to better understand benefits and impacts of providing the variety of competing interests for the space: sidewalks, on-street parking, bike lanes, turn lanes, medians, curb cuts and streetscape amenities. 

All previous studies of the corridor have identified the need for significant improvements to multimodal connectivity including building sidewalks and providing improved bus stops as well as the possibility of providing amenities such as bike racks and B-cycle stations.

The current phase of study is continuing the efforts to understand the needs along the corridor through one-on-one interviews with properties owners along the corridor to understand how they would access their properties and use parking while access the benefits and constraints of the cross section options that best provide for and balance the needs and impacts to adjacent properties.

As the Phase 2 work has been completed the next step is to move from planning into design. The City is working to get a Consultant to help advance the design for Brighton Boulevard south of I-70. It is anticipated that work will begin in the fall of 2014. In the meantime the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC) holds quarterly public open house meetings for all projects within the NDCC area. If you would like to be on the email list for Brighton Corridor project notifications, please send an email to requesting to be added to the email list.

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