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  • Center for Neighborhood Technology
  • Housing and Transportation Affordability Index The inability for children to walk to school not only impacts physical activity levels, but it also increases the number of times families use automobiles. This maps provides an affordability index based on home values and transportation costs. Transportation costs are an additional factor in deciding where to live.
  • Colorado Kids Outdoors:
  • The Alliance for a Healthier Generation provides a variety of resources for healthier school environment. Through the Healthy Schools Builder program school teams can register and access a variety of resources.
  • The Let’s Move initiative was started by First Lady Michelle Obama to solve the childhood obesity epidemic. The website contains a wealth of information on children's health and suggests ways that residents can get involved in improving their community.
  • The Colorado Physical Activity and Nutrition Program School Site Task Force has developed the Colorado School Site Resource Kit: Implementation Guide for the Colorado Physical Activity and Nutrition State Plan 2010. Click here to download.


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