Alternatives Analysis

Colfax Corridor Connections is evaluating a wide range of transit and multimodal alternatives to address mobility needs in the East Colfax corridor.  The alternatives analysis and related environmental study will be completed in the following four phases. There will be opportunities for public review and input in each phase of the project schedule:
  • Phase 1: Public Scoping (Complete: Fall 2012) – Create the list of options for meeting mobility and transit needs in the corridor. 
  • Phase 2: Alternatives Analysis (Complete: Winter 2013) –  Conduct increasingly detailed evaluation of alternatives to eliminate flawed alternatives and identify those that best meet the needs of the corridor with the least environmental impact.
  • Phase 3: Conceptual Engineering/Environmental Analysis (In Progress) – Provide greater analysis on selected alternatives. 
  • Phase 4: Environmental Assessment (Dependent on Phase 3) – Present a final decision document reflecting results of the analysis.

As Colfax Corridor Connections progresses, this page will be updated to provide detailed information about the transit alternatives being evaluated by the project.

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