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Colfax Corridor Connections is a natural progression of two related City and County of Denver (CCD) transportation planning studies. The findings of these efforts led to the determination that additional transit capacity is needed in the East Colfax corridor now and in the future. 
  • Colfax Streetcar Feasibility Study: A feasibility study was recently completed to determine whether any high-level fatal flaws exist that would preclude implementation of a streetcar system in the East Colfax corridor. No fatal flaws were identified and the study noted the four existing east-west bus routes in the study area are regularly operating at or beyond design capacity, and particularly during peak periods.  The study identified the need for an alternatives analysis to determine best ways to improve transit and overall mobility within the corridor.
  • Denver Strategic Transportation Plan:  This plan was completed in 2008 and identified a need for significant additional person-trip capacity in the East Colfax corridor by 2030. 

Other active projects in the area with websites you may be interested in:
  • Colfax Avenue Enhanced Corridor - Grant to Columbine (CBID) and Columbine to St. Paul (Greektown): Improvements will help create an enhanced transit corridor, such as lighting, sidewalk, curb ramps and trees. Construction began in March 2012. (City and County of Denver)
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety in the Denver Region (report is in Draft stage as of April 2012): This study is metro wide; however, issue areas identified include areas of Colfax Avenue which experience a high number of pedestrian and bicycle crashes per mile. (DRCOG)
  •  I-225 Light Rail Extension: Part of FasTracks, this project will add 10.5 miles of light rail between Nine Mile Station and Peoria/Smith Station. (RTD)
  • Downtown Denver Circulator: Part of FasTracks, this high-frequency bus service will connect passengers with shuttle service for the downtown area. (RTD)
  • Colfax 2012 Visioning: A public input process to create a vision and identify goals and strategies for the development of the Colfax corridor from Yosemite Street to I-225. (City of Aurora)

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The Colfax Corridor Connections team is wrapping up a year of technical analysis of the project’s three remaining alternatives (Enhanced Bus, Bus Rapid Transit and Modern Streetcar) as part of the transit Alternatives Analysis phase of the project. This summer/fall, the City will provide the public with additional information and feedback opportunities on the available options for improving mobility in the East Colfax Avenue travel corridor now and over the next 25 years.

Coming this summer:

  • Project updates on the website
  • Public meetings with opportunities to provide feedback on the project and next steps at the meetings and/or electronically through email and the website 

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