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Colfax Corridor Connections is a study of transit and mobility within the East Colfax corridor being conducted by the City and County of Denver and the Regional Transportation District (RTD) in partnership with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and in coordination with the City of Aurora. The goal of the project is to improve transit, overall mobility and livability within the corridor now and over the next 25 years.

The project corridor is roughly bounded by I-25 and I-225 on the west and east, respectively, and 20th Avenue and 12th Avenue on the north and south.

Among the options being analyzed are:
  • Operational (such as revising the operations of existing transit routes, new or modified transit routes, transit-only lanes and more)
  • New transit technologies (such as larger buses, bus rapid transit, modern streetcar, light rail or others)
  • Other improvements (such as bicycle/pedestrian connections and more)           

All major routes and alignments within the corridor, not just Colfax Avenue, will be included in the analysis. Project phasing options, environmental impacts/benefits and estimated costs of alternatives will be evaluated.

The findings of a recent 2010 Streetcar Feasibility Study and the 2008 Denver Strategic Transportation Plan both identified a need for significant additional mobility capacity in the East Colfax corridor by 2030. The feasibility study also noted the four existing east-west bus routes in the study area regularly operate at or beyond capacity, particularly during peak periods.  As a result, the City and its planning partners in the area have agreed that East Colfax transit needs should be analyzed.

The project began with an Alternatives Analysis (AA), followed by an environmental study that will comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  NEPA compliance is expected to require an Environmental Assessment (EA). 

Public input is essential to the success of this project. To ensure maximum public participation, the City is implementing a proactive, community-responsive public involvement program. 

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