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The Auraria Campus has been historically disconnected from its surroundings by three large arterials – Speer Boulevard, Colfax Avenue and Auraria Parkway.  With the growing campus population and expansion plans underway for all three schools, there is an increasing demand for better connections with surrounding neighborhoods such as South Lincoln, Golden Triangle, Pepsi Center development plans, and Downtown Districts – all of which are also growing and evolving.  There is a great opportunity to improve the existing connections to Auraria to facilitate a safer, more comfortable environment for all modes of transportation with an emphasis on bicycle and pedestrian enhancements.  Recent  incidents involving serious modal conflicts between pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and vehicles reaffirms the need to evaluate how all modes of transportation can operate safely and efficiently in and around the campus area.

The Connecting Auraria study will create a thoughtful, implementable short-term plan to enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety and comfort between the Auraria Campus and its surrounding neighborhoods and Downtown Districts.  While the effort is focused on implementation, recommendations resulting from the study will be formed based upon an engaging long-term vision that is evolving to support broader social, economic and pragmatic linkages that exist between the campus and its surroundings. This study will focus on developing strategic projects to address operational, behavioral, and physical needs and facilitate  multimodal connectivity as the campus and greater area continue to grow.

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Determine needs and identification of project packages

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Prioritize project packages, conduct implementation analysis and prepare final report