Why Safe Routes to School? The document below provides a quick overview on the importance of Safe Routes to School, the state of health in the U.S. today, Walk to School Day, and how to start a Safe Routes to School Program at your school. 

Walk to School Initiatives: Take Steps Toward A Better Way.pdf
(Prepared by University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center)
The National Center for Safe Routes to School has prepared this presentation. It provides a nice overview and could be used to present the topic to interested parties.

Getting Started

Would you like to start a Safe Routes to School program at your school? The first step is to gather a team of other interested adults in the school community (parents, teachers, staff, etc). If your school has not held a Walk to School Day event in the past, this is a good place to start. Please visit the Walk to School Day section for more information.  If you are planning on creating a Safe Routes to School Program at your school, the following toolkits should help you get started.


 The Denver Safe Routes to School Coalition invites you to look through the resources in the following sections to learn more about the program and about how you can get involved.

The following pages contain a variety of resources:


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