Public Art

Post Office:

Glass artists Martin Donlin (UK) and Peter Kaufmann (OR) will begin installing the art glass canopy above the entrance to the Post Office Building this Spring. The blue and red cantilevered glass will create a beautiful entrance marker for this building along 14th Street.



Ralph Helmick (MA) was selected to create a suspended sculpture for the atrium of the courthouse.  Tentatively titled Denver Convergence, the laser-cut steel sculpture will be created from interwoven portraits of actual Denver citizens.  These portraits will be distinct and recognizable at the base and widest point of the sculpture, then twist upward into a solid whole—a metaphor for the jury process.


Catherine Widgery (MA) was selected to create a “floating” sculptural glass wall as a backdrop for the new Jury Assembly Room.  The wall will consist of one layer of stained glass depicting a Colorado cloudbreak, in front of which will be an array of clear glass tubes that will capture and diffuse the light and color in spectacular ways. 

Both Courthouse art projects will be installed in the Spring of 2010.


Detention Facility:

Garrison Roots (CO) was selected to design a terrazzo floor for the public circulation area and rotunda of the building.  The floor has been installed and will be unveiled at the grand opening of the building this Spring.  Roots selected images from nature that are then abstracted and overlaid to create a floor of rich color and vibrance.


Plaza Artwork:

Internationally-acclaimed artist Dennis Oppenheim (NY) will create a large scale sculptural installation for the north end of the Plaza, at the terminus of Tremont and Colfax.  The sculpture, Light Chamber, is based on oversized floral petal forms to create a space on the plaza to be entered and experienced.  Oppenheim was inspired by judges and jurors who must reach difficult decisions every day at the Justice Center, and this chamber is a location to provoke contemplation and inspiration. 

Oppenheim's sculpture will be installed in the summer of 2010.