Move Liaisons by Agency

Agency/Department - Division


Auditor - Government & Community Affairs

Dawn Sulley

Board of Ethics

Michael Henry

City Attorney's Office

Mary Harris/Sara King/Marcia Noel

City Council Representative


Civil Service Commission

Earl Peterson

Clerk & Recorder

Helen Gonzales

Clerk & Recorder - Elections

Mike Scarpello

Community Planning & Development

Janice Alexander

Community Planning & Development - Development Services

Dan Roberts

Courts - County

Rhonda Ferrie/Terrie Cooke

Courts - District (state)

Kelly Boe

Courts - District & Juvenile (state)

Miles Flesche

Courts - District Adult Probation (state)

Fran Jamison

Courts - Juvenile Probation (state)

Marilyn Sullivan

Courts - Denver Probate

Lee Cole

CSA (Office of Human Resources)

Lance Dorris

Department of Human Services

Gerry Magill

District Attorney

Liza Willis/Les Hackworth


Erin Trapp

Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships Mike Roque

Education and Children

Susan Gallo

Environmental Health (200 W. 14th)

Keith Raschke

Environmental Health (660 Bannock)

Amy Martin

Environmental Health (Animal Care)

Doug Kelley

Excise and License

Cindy  Woehler

Finance - Assessment

Cindy Lombardi

Finance - BMO

Milton Cherry

Finance - Controller

Beth Machann

Finance - Real Estate

Jeff Steinberg

Finance - Risk Management

Robin Gray

Finance - Treasury

Scott Sprague

Finance - Treasury - Financial Management Bob Gibson


David Frank

Fire Captain

Fred Burke

General Services

Derek Brown

General Services - A/P

Bill Riedell

General Services - Facilities

James Williamson


Scott Morrissey

Human Rights / Community Relations

Loretta Martinez

Mayor's Office

LaTonya Lacy


Ed Fuerte/Bob Leggett/Joel Meaders

OED - Finance & Admin

Chiquita McGowin

Office of Emergency Management

Dan Alexander

Office of Independent Monitor

Gerylann Catellano

Parks and Rec Manager's Office

Arthur Gilkison

Parks and Rec Kevin Patterson


Dan O'Shea

Public Works

Terese Roberts

Public Works - Facilities Michael Sheehan
Public Works - Finance Barbara Puls
Public Works - Transportation Matt Wager

Safe City

Walt Beckert


Mel Thompson/Don Ronyak

Safety - 911

Carl Simpson

Safety - Roslyn

Mark Valentine

Sheriff - Division Chief County Jail

Elias Diggins

Sheriff - Division Chief Downtown

Marie Kielar

Technology Services

Pam Henderson/Vesper Tanaka

Technology Services - 311

Nick Scheidegger

Theatres and Arenas - Facilities

Mark Najarian