City Of Denver Announces Permit And License Process Surrounding 2008 Democratic National Convention

City Of Denver Announces Permit And License Process Surrounding 2008 Democratic National Convention

February 29, 2008                                                     

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City Of Denver Announces Permit And License Process Surrounding 2008 Democratic National Convention
City to begin accepting request forms Monday, March 3rd

DENVERThe City and County of Denver today declared the 2008 Democratic National Convention an “extraordinary event” and announced special procedures for permitting and licensing the use of City property and facilities in specific areas from August 15 through August 31.  The Convention will run from August 25 through August 28. 

The declaration, signed by Mayor John Hickenlooper, notes the Convention will be “an unusually large-scale event of national and international significance, drawing an extraordinary number of visitors to the city, and generating a large number of permit applications…requiring greater than normal efforts to coordinate city permitting and licensing procedures.”

“Our goal with this process is to ensure fair, equitable and transparent distribution of permits and licenses so that we may allow applicants every possible opportunity for free expression and maximum participation in this exciting, historic event, ” added Katherine Archuleta, senior advisor to Mayor Hickenlooper on policy and initiatives.

The extraordinary event procedures apply to a defined area of the City encompassing downtown, Civic Center and certain adjacent areas.  Those wishing to apply for permits or licenses to use City facilities in these areas between August 15 and August 31 may initiate their request by filing an Extraordinary Event Permit and License Request Form online at

The City will begin accepting extraordinary event request forms Monday, March 3. Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their requests by Friday, March 14. 

The permits and licenses to which the special procedures apply include, but are not limited to:

  • permits for scheduled events in parks
  • permits for assemblies in parks
  • special event liquor permits
  • peddler’s licenses
  • film permits
  • any permit/license for the temporary use, occupancy, or closure of public streets or any portion of a public street (not including permits for 16th Street Mall vending, which are being handled by the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District)

Competing requests received by March 14 will be resolved through a blind lottery. Applicants are advised not to submit their full applications or pay an application fee until competing requests are identified and resolved.

After March 14, the City will process requests on a first-come, first-served basis for remaining facilities and opportunities. These requests should also begin with submission of the extraordinary event permits and licenses request form.

Complete details of the extraordinary event permitting and licensing procedures are posted online (, including a copy of the declaration and a map of the defined areas to which the declaration applies.

The City’s Department of Cultural Affairs will oversee the extraordinary event permitting and licensing process, which will be coordinated by a committee of representatives from the departments of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Safety, Police, Denver Fire Department, Excise and Licenses, Environmental Health, Community Planning and Development, and the Mayor’s Office.

The City will also be designating at least one route for those wishing to conduct marches or processions during the Convention. This route will end within view and earshot of the convention site, and no permit application, permit fee or other payment will be required. Groups that wish to use the route will need to submit the extraordinary event permits and licenses request form to avoid timing conflicts with other groups. When the route is established, the City will review requests and conduct a lottery if needed.

Permitting and licensing departments and agencies have been instructed to take into account any extraordinary security, transportation, crowd-control, or other needs created by the Convention and related events when determining whether or not to grant any permit or license.

Because security planning for the Convention will continue between now and the time of the event, particularly with regard to the area immediately adjacent to the Convention site, the City has reserved the right to modify or revoke any permit or license if necessary to ensure public safety or security.   

Full information and details will be available beginning Monday, March 3 at or from Kevin Scott at 720-865-4330 or


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