Mayor Hickenlooper Convenes Infrastructure Priorities Task Force

Mayor Hickenlooper Convenes Infrastructure Priorities Task Force

Thursday, August 24, 2006
Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, Mayor's Office
Mayor Hickenlooper Convenes Infrastructure Priorities Task Force

Diverse, Broad-Based Citizen Group will Evaluate Citywide Priorities and Recommend Comprehensive Strategies

(DENVER) The 110+ volunteer members of the City of Denver’s Infrastructure Priorities Task Force will gather for the first time on Saturday, August 26, 2006, at 1:00 p.m. at the Colorado History Museum, 1300 Broadway, to meet with Mayor John Hickenlooper.

(Space constraints limit attendance at this initial gathering to Task Force members only; however, public meetings will be scheduled for this process and subcommittee meetings will be open to the public as well.)

As announced in his State of the City Address in July, Mayor Hickenlooper is convening the Infrastructure Priorities Task Force to thoroughly examine the capital facilities and infrastructure needs of the City and recommend which of those needs the City should finance with bond issues or other financing techniques and when. As part of the package, the Task Force will explore financing of the City’s deferred maintenance needs as well as its maintenance needs going forward.

“Rather than approach Denver voters every few years with immediate needs, we really want to engage the community in proactively evaluating and prioritizing citywide infrastructure priorities – both short- and long-term – in hopes of preparing a forward-looking, comprehensive and prudent fiscal package,” said Hickenlooper.

The Task Force will include seven programmatic subcommittees. Working with the appropriate City agency head, each subcommittee will be fully briefed on the capital project needs within their category and will help to analyze the projects and establish priorities within their category. The seven programmatic subcommittees are the following:

  • Public Works
  • Cultural Facilities
  • Community Planning & Development
  • Human Services
  • Public Safety
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Municipal Building

A finance subcommittee will work with the City’s financial staff to analyze possible financing mechanisms, as well as reserves and procedures for capital maintenance and any new construction.

An executive committee will then evaluate the needs by programmatic category and work with subcommittee chairs to establish priorities for the whole, based on the recommendations about the acceptable size of any bond issue.

For more information, please visit the Denver Infrastructure Priorities Task Force Web site at

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