Denver and Glendale Announce Intergovernmental Agreement on Fire Protection

Denver and Glendale Announce Intergovernmental Agreement on Fire Protection


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Denver and Glendale Announce Intergovernmental Agreement on Fire Protection

(GLENDALE, Colorado) Taking the concept of “regional cooperation” to a whole new level, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and Glendale Mayor Larry Harte held a joint news conference Monday at the Glendale Fire Station, 999 South Clermont Street, to announce the completion of an intergovernmental agreement for the merger of the Glendale and Denver Fire Departments and a separate agreement for Denver Health to begin providing emergency medical services to Glendale.

“This is truly a win-win situation for Glendale and Denver and the citizens of both cities,” said Glendale Mayor Larry Harte. “Through economies of scale, both cities enjoy budget benefits while increasing the level of fire service for both Glendale and the Denver areas adjoining Glendale. This new partnership reflects the strong ties that Glendale and Denver have developed in recent years.”

Located in Arapahoe County, the City of Glendale’s 355 acres are completely surrounded by Denver. Glendale has roughly 4,500 residents, occupying more than 2,600 apartment, condominium and townhouse units. Over 300 businesses occupy nearly 2.2 million square feet of office space in the community.

“This deal will not only provide vital revenues for the City of Denver, but our Fire Department’s physical presence in Glendale will enable us to respond quicker to the Denver neighborhoods surrounding Glendale, “ said Denver Mayor Hickenlooper. “If the necessary charter amendment passes, we will be able to increase the size of our Fire Department and add a new station and equipment at minimal cost to Denver taxpayers.”

Glendale will pay to Denver approximately $1.8 million dollars annually to provide amalgamated fire services to Glendale for a seven-year period. Glendale, in turn, is estimated to save in excess of a million dollars a year in its budget as a result of the agreement.

Glendale, which has one of the state’s top small-city fire departments, will lease its modern, fully equipped fire station to Denver for $1.00 per year as well as transfer its fire trucks, vehicles and other equipment to Denver. The 28 current Glendale firefighters will be enrolled in the Denver Fire Academy and then assigned to Denver firehouses in June of 2005 provided Denver citizens approve a Charter change allowing for the lateral transfer of firefighters from other municipalities in circumstances where the Denver Fire Department is combining departments and/or consolidating services.

The Glendale Fire Department has a rich tradition of service for over forty years. Denver’s Fire Department has been providing first class fire protection to Denver residents for over 140 years.

“Glendale’s firefighters are looking forward to joining the Denver firefighters in providing some of the best fire protection in the United States,” declared Glendale Fire Chief Arthur Johansen.

“We are excited about this new partnership and the opportunities it provides for both of our cities,” said Denver Fire Chief Larry Trujillo.

The cities of Glendale and Denver look forward to building upon this success. A summary of the intergovernmental agreement follows:

Summary of Denver-Glendale Intergovernmental Agreement


Glendale will enter into a seven-year contract with the Denver Fire Department to provide Glendale’s fire service subject to annual appropriation. In the first year, Glendale will pay Denver just over $1 million dollars plus additional fire equipment. Glendale will pay $1.8 million annually for the remaining six-year term.

This deal is contingent upon Denver’s passage of a Charter Amendment in May 2005 to allow the Denver Fire Department to laterally transfer firefighters from another municipality in circumstances where DFD is amalgamating departments and/or consolidating services. Denver Firefighters Union Local 858 supports this change.


The City of Glendale will pay the Denver Fire Department to begin providing fire services to Glendale at 12 noon on December 30, 2004, from the existing Denver Fire Station 19. Denver will maintain the same level of service for Glendale residents as it provides its own citizens regardless of the municipal boundaries. If the charter amendment does not pass, the City of Glendale will resume its own fire service.

Glendale will contract with Denver Health for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – and related dispatch – through a separate contract. Emergency services will be provided to patients in Glendale in the same manner as in Denver using a fee-for-service system.

Denver is proposing to assume responsibility for fire response and fire investigation for Glendale. Glendale will take primary responsibility for fire inspection and permitting functions, coordinating closely with Denver. Glendale will also continue to manage its own catastrophic emergency response and air raid sirens.


The City of Glendale will pay its firefighters’ salaries from January through May 2005. In advance of the May election, the City of Glendale will pay for its firefighters to complete the Denver Fire Academy training.

If the charter amendment passes, all Glendale firefighters desiring transfer to the Denver Fire Department would agree to the background checks and testing required by the Denver Civil Service Commission. Those who successfully complete the Denver Fire Academy would transfer to DFD at the rank of Firefighter First Grade beginning on June 1, 2005.


If the charter amendment passes, Denver will enter into a seven-year no-cost lease (except for half of utilities), renewed on an annual basis, for the Glendale Fire Station, related living quarters and storage area. Additionally, all Glendale firefighting equipment would be transferred to the Denver Fire Department’s ownership at no cost on June 1, 2005.


The City of Glendale will continue to maintain its own 9-1-1 emergency call center, but fire and medical call dispatch information will automatically and simultaneously appear on the dispatch screens of the Denver Fire Department and Denver Health. The City of Glendale will pay for any upgrades necessary to ensure the seamlessness of this process.

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