Mayor Hickenlooper’s Statement On FasTracks

Mayor Hickenlooper’s Statement On FasTracks


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Mayor Hickenlooper’s Statement On FasTracks

Mayor John Hickenlooper, who was out-of-town attending a national urban planning conference on Thursday, released the following statement reaffirming Denver and the region’s commitment to FasTracks:

“Over the past two years, I have spoken to – and heard from – countless thousands of people throughout the Denver metro area about the importance of FasTracks to our region’s economic future and quality of life. The unprecedented bipartisan grassroots support for this regional transit plan reflects years of regional planning and public input to create a comprehensive plan to connect our region’s employment, recreation and residential centers, making the way for economic growth without increased congestion.

“FasTracks has not only united Republicans, Democrats and Independents, but it has brought together neighborhoods and local Chambers of Commerce, developers and the environmental community, and perhaps most telling – it has brought together the municipalities in the seven-county region. This isn’t about politics; it’s about good policy and real solutions.

“No matter how one spins it – the fact is our region will grow by roughly a million people over the next 20 years. FasTracks will take at least 250,000 cars off the road – thereby relieving congestion. It’s common sense. And even if the critics are right – that highway speeds with FasTracks will stay roughly the same between now and 2025, despite an increase of a million people – than by their own admission FasTracks will be doing its job.

“We look forward to working with the State to address highway needs, but the time is now for our region to take care of ourselves in creating local transit options that address our needs for enhanced mobility, economic growth and infrastructure choices to support our growing population.”

It is interesting to note that at the Mayors’ Institute on City Design, which the Mayor Hickenlooper is currently attending, the FasTracks plan is being heralded by urban design experts from around the country as a national model of forward-thinking, integrated transit planning.

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