"Mile High H2O" Bottled Water to Benefit Denver Children

"Mile High H2O" Bottled Water to Benefit Denver Children


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"Mile High H2O" Bottled Water to Benefit Denver Children

City of Denver, Deep Rock Water Partner to Donate 10 Cents from Every Sale to the “Invest in Success” Early Childhood Education Initiative

The City of Denver and Denver-based Deep Rock Water are working together to support Denver children through the creation of Mile High H2O bottled water. Now available at local King Soopers, Safeway and Albertsons stores, 10 cents of every bottle sold will be donated to Denver's Invest In Success early childhood education initiative.

On Tuesday, June 15, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper pulled the first case of Mile High H2O off the production line at Deep Rock’s 25th & Welton location as part of his ongoing commitment to improving and expanding early childhood education opportunities in Denver. Deep Rock Water estimates 25,000 cases of Mile High H2O will be produced in 2004, which could equate to a contribution of $60,000 to the Invest In Success initiative, a program of the Mayor’s Office for Education and Children, designed to ensure that the most number of Denver children possible have access to the highest quality early childhood care and education possible.

“When we can ensure that all of Denver’s children have an equal chance at the starting gate, we can improve the chances they will make it successfully across the finish line,” said Mayor Hickenlooper. “One of the most important investments we can make as a city is to provide our young children with quality early childhood education that sets the foundation for lifelong learning.”

More than 80 percent of a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development occurs before age five. Reaching children at a young age with quality early education programs gives them a better chance of succeeding in school and in life, explained Dr. Maria Guajardo Lucero, director of the Mayor’s Office for Education and Children. Research indicates that children who start behind usually stay behind, while children who experience high-quality early education programs do better in school and have fewer social problems. As such, the Invest In Success initiative brings together government officials, education providers, civic and business leaders to determine how Denver can provide quality early education opportunities to meet the needs of all its young children.

“The need is great, but the return on the investment is even greater,” said Guajardo Lucero. “In Denver, a limited number of early childhood programs meet national accrediting standards. Yet, research shows that for every dollar invested in these types of programs, between $4 and $9 is saved later in costs for special education services, health care and incarceration. Money raised by sales of ‘Mile High H20’ will be tremendously helpful in our effort to bring much-needed quality early childhood education to more of Denver’s children.”

“Deep Rock Water has been a part of the Denver community for more than 100 years,” said Doug Oberhamer, chief operating officer, Deep Rock Water. “Taking part in the Mile High H2O program is a continuation of our long-time commitment to the community we call home, and we’re proud to donate our resources to benefit this important cause.”

Deep Rock Water, a locally owned and operated company, bottles and sells natural artesian water from its 852-foot deep well, in addition to bottling distilled water, drinking water, and state-of-the-art water filtration systems for homes and businesses.

Mile High H20 also marks the first official usage of the new Mile High City logo that was unveiled in April. The logo was designed to help build a stronger identity for the region to communicate more effectively in its coordinated marketing efforts. No public dollars were spent in developing Mile High H2O or the Mile High logo.

Vendors or businesses interested in carrying Mile High H2O can call Deep Rock Water at (303) 292-2020. For more information on the Invest In Success early childhood education initiative, please contact Maria Guajardo Lucero or Susan Gallo in the Mayor’s Office for Education & Children at (720) 913-0900.


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