Mayor Vidal announces new manager of Denver Parks and Recreation

Mayor Vidal announces new manager of Denver Parks and Recreation

DENVER, CO — Friday, March 25, 2011 — Mayor Guillermo (Bill) V. Vidal announced the appointment of Chantal Unfug as Manager of Denver Parks and Recreation, replacing Scott Robson, who is leaving Denver’s team to become Executive Director for the Evergreen Park and Recreation District. Robson’s last day is Friday, April 8.

“It has been my honor to serve as an appointee for both Mayor Hickenlooper and Mayor Vidal and to work in Denver Parks and Recreation,” said Robson. “The Department has some of the most dedicated and skilled professionals I've met in my career, along with wonderful private and non-profit partners who will help ensure DPR remains successful for years to come.”

Mayor Vidal is appointing Chantal Unfug to the Manager's role for the reminder of his term in office. Unfug has been serving as Deputy Manager of Parks, ensuring strong strategic planning, communication, and outreach. She joined Denver Parks and Recreation in 2008 as a strategic advisor and worked for several years prior to that in key positions in the Office of Mayor John Hickenlooper.

“I have worked side by side with Chantal for many years now and particularly during planning for the Democratic National Convention,” said Mayor Vidal. “I am confident that Chantal’s leadership skills, her broad knowledge of the City and this department, and strong community ties will ensure Denver Parks and Recreation continues along a path of progress and success.”

Chantal Unfug: Manager of Denver Parks and Recreation
Chantal Unfug joined Denver Parks and Recreation in 2008 as a senior advisor and was appointed this year to the position of Deputy Manager of Parks. Before joining Denver Parks and Recreation, she served as Deputy City Liaison for Mayor Hickenlooper, assisting in the planning of the 2008 Democratic National Convention (DNC) and interfacing with all external parties including the Denver Convention Host Planning Committee, the Democratic National Convention Committee, the Democratic National Committee, and the Obama 2008 Campaign.

Prior to working on the DNC, Unfug served as Special Assistant to Mayor Hickenlooper, helping formulate and manage major policy issues and initiatives and implementing the Mayor’s vision and goals related to education, public safety, sustainability, internal governmental management and policies, and community involvement.

Before working on City policies and initiatives, Unfug served as Mayor Hickenlooper’s Director of Boards and Commissions, recommending appointments to more than 1,500 positions on 125 citywide Board of Directors annually. As lead liaison between the Mayor, Mayor’s Cabinet, legislators, community leaders and organizations, she analyzed sensitive, highly visible policy issues to determine methods of approach and recruitment of appropriate members.

Before joining the Hickenlooper administration in 2003, Unfug worked in the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and International trade as an acting director of marketing and economic development specialist. Prior to that, she served in the administration of Governor Roy Romer, as Director of the Colorado Women’s Business Office.

Before she joined the public sector, Chantal was the co-founder of Biomedical Consultants, Inc., a healthcare related consulting firm for the investment community.

Chantal attended Boston University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications.


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