Mayor Hancock Veterans Day Message

Mayor Hancock Veterans Day Message

DENVER – Mayor Hancock’s Veterans Day Message:

“It is my honor to ask city employees and all of Denver to join me and pause for a moment to reflect on the contributions of the 400,000 civilian veterans who live in Colorado; and specifically the 41,000 that live in Denver. The contributions of these brave men and women can never be repaid. However, we can say thank you.

We can say thank you for remaining steadfast in protecting America and Denver’s freedoms, and for helping to deliver democracy far and wide.

Whether in war or peace time, you serve with honor, and we are a better and stronger nation because of it.

Here in civilian life back in Denver, our men and women apply the same work ethic, honor and integrity in our neighborhoods, in city government, in our businesses and in our community.

As Mayor, I want to proudly and publicly say it is our duty back here at home to ensure they and their families receive the support they deserve for as long as they live. As their missions come to an end from various places around the globe, we need to embrace them and their families, and put forth every possible effort to provide them with the care, benefits and opportunities they’ve earned

Your service to Denver and to all of America is a debt we can never repay, but we certainly can try. We can try by hiring you, by further educating you and by easing your transition back into civilian life.

You deserve it. Thank you.”

Posted on Nov 10, 2011 (Archive on Dec 10, 2011)
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