Denver partners with DURA for Stock Show review

Denver partners with DURA for Stock Show review

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock today announced the City will partner with the Denver Urban Renewal Authority (“DURA”) to review and analyze data, information and upcoming plans regarding the future of the National Western Stock Show.

“DURA is uniquely qualified to move this process to the next level. It’s a well-respected organization with experts who can synthesize financial data and development plans,” Mayor Hancock said. “Partnering with DURA will help the City ensure we are making the right decisions for the Stock Show and the people, businesses and neighborhoods of Denver.”

Founded more than 50 years ago, DURA provides financial assistance to redevelopment activities and helps foster sound growth and development in Denver.

DURA will provide a comprehensive analysis of the costs and benefits of proposals regarding the future of the Stock Show. It also will review financial, facility and business plans the Stock Show is expected to submit to Mayor Hancock next week.

“These are the exact projects DURA is best equipped to assist with,” DURA Executive Director Tracy Huggins said. “We have the ability to take a third party approach to reviewing this information and provide critical analysis for the next steps in the decision-making process.”

The Mayor’s Working Group, which began during the Mayor’s transition, will sunset after having served its intended purpose of engaging the community, gathering information and initiating a critical conversation about the future of the Stock Show.

“The process is at a stage that requires dedicated analytic work for any decisions to be made,” Working Group chair Dawn Bookhardt said. “DURA is the appropriate entity to take this next step, providing the City of Denver and the Stock Show leadership with a comprehensive understanding of all viable options.”

“The Working Group filled an essential role at the beginning of my administration, starting a community conversation about the future viability of the Stock Show,” Mayor Hancock said. “Thank you to all of the Working Group members for your services.”

The completion of the review by DURA will inform the process moving forward to ensure the Stock Show is viable for another 106 years.

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