Mayor Hancock Urges Passage of Colorado Civil Unions Act

Mayor Hancock Urges Passage of Colorado Civil Unions Act

DENVER Mayor Michael B. Hancock today encouraged the Colorado state legislature to approve Senate Bill 2, the 2012 Colorado Civil Unions Act, sponsored by Denver lawmaker Sen. Pat Steadman.

“We must always push to provide the same basic rights for every Coloradan, because residents deserve the same opportunities to take care of their loved ones, strengthen their families and enjoy critical legal protections.

“Adopting Senate Bill 2 will ensure committed couples are afforded long-overdue legal rights and are no longer excluded from the benefits and protections provided to their fellow citizens.

“It’s now time for Colorado to move beyond a culture of tolerance to a culture of inclusivity, fairness and respect. I am proud to join other mayors from across the country in support of civil unions. I strongly urge the state legislature to put civil rights ahead of politics and to pass this bill.”

Posted on Feb 13, 2012 (Archive on Mar 13, 2012)
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