Denver's Airport City Concept Unveiled

Denver's Airport City Concept Unveiled

DENVER, CO ­— April 26, 2012 — Today Mayor Michael B. Hancock unveiled Denver’s Airport City Concept at the Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition, which is being held at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel through the end of the week.

Denver’s Airport City concept creates a master plan for developing land within the airport’s property boundaries that is not already dedicated to future runways, taxiways or for other operational purposes. Denver International Airport’s total land mass is 53 square miles, with more than 9000 acres available for the Airport City development. Around the world, airport cities have been created in a number of places, such as Amsterdam, Tokyo and Shanghai, to maximize the development and use of airport property, which improves non-airline revenue and helps the facility’s aeronautical function grow to its full capacity.

“Because of the gift we have been given by the leaders who came before us, we have a unique opportunity to take our region’s biggest economic engine and spark a new era of growth that will transform Metro Denver and revitalize the regional economy,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “We will create a development that thrives on the airport’s natural synergy, attracting business and jobs that benefit from a close relationship to the airport and its inherent access to national and international markets.”

The Airport City master plan was developed over the past several years as Denver International Airport worked with hundreds of stakeholders to determine the most efficient way to develop the available land within DIA’s borders. The master plan is designed to be a long-term growth and development plan for the airport, looking ahead for the next 30-50 years.

As the Airport City begins to take shape and grow during that time, it is estimated to generate more than 25,000 construction jobs, more than 30,000 jobs within the Airport City development areas and more than 40,000 new jobs throughout the Denver Metro region as a result of indirect and induced new growth and development outside the airport’s borders. It is also estimated that the Airport City will generate more than $300 million in tax revenues for the region and the state.

“Denver has a rare opportunity to develop the most efficient and carefully planned Airport City in the United States, and quite possibly the world,” said Kim Day, Denver’s Manager of Aviation. “Airports are a magnet for growth and we must ensure we move forward in a way that maximizes the benefits for our city, region and state. We will work in close collaboration with our regional neighbors and partners – as we have historically done – to seize the opportunity before us.”

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About the Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition
Denver International Airport (DIA) will host at least 800 delegates, 50 major corporate sponsors and more than 60 exhibitors at the city’s Sheraton Downtown Hotel from April 25 – 27. This is the 10th consecutive year for this conference, and it is held in a different city each year. Last year it was hosted by Memphis, next year it will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Additional information about the Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition can be found on

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