Customer Experience Improvement

Every department and agency in the City and County of Denver is continually striving to provide a good customer experience. Within each city division, customer surveys or other measurements may be used to track performance, as well as a number of citywide metrics which are gathered to evaluate overall customer experience. A key component of the city’s customer experience priorities is to ensure that the city is serving the public effectively by streamlining service delivery. With this in mind, the city is working to improve the functionality, access to and awareness of the lower-cost customer service channels, such as the city’s website and mobile phone apps.  

Respondents who rated their satisfaction as "good" or "excellent" in four categories

Attitudes about customer service continue to improve over time.

National Citizens Survey CEI Ratings*The data enables the city to track its performance over time and in comparison to other municipalities around the country. In 2012, the city saw a statistically significant increase in every customer experience metric from the survey.

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Costs Per Channel

A third of the city’s workforce and budget is dedicated toward providing customer service, with "in person" service being the most costly. Small shifts in customer service access, across all channels and levels of service, can result in a significant cost savings for the city.

Annual Cost 
% of Service Budget 
 In Person/ Counter  $102,800,000   31% 
 Phone  $137,900,000  42% 
 Fax  $17,400,000  5% 
 Email  $69,700,000  21% 
 Mobile  $280,000  0.1% 
 Web  $560,000  0.2% 
 Total  $328,640,000  100% 


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