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Apr 29 2014 (108 reads)
The city of Denver weighed in on a bill to reform the Regional Tourism Act, in part because it might need state incentives to fund a revamp of the National Western Stock Show.

Denver Post, 4/10/14 

Apr 29 2014 (83 reads)
The Denver metro area may be the center of the Regional Tourism Act debate once again next year, as the city of Denver is considering applying for state funding for the renovation of the National Western Stock Show complex.

Denver Business Journal, 4/10/14

Apr 29 2014 (110 reads)
A $1.8 billion proposal to sink Interstate 70 for a few miles through northeast Denver, just east of Interstate 25, will be formally reviewed by Colorado’s top transportation officials, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

Denver Business Journal, 4/11/14

Apr 29 2014 (113 reads)
Working regionally has been critical to solving complex infrastructure projects in the Denver metro area. Rebuilding Interstate 70 is no different. Over the last decade, Commerce City has worked collaboratively with Denver, Adams County, Aurora and the Colorado Department of Transportation to correct past mistakes, improve mobility and restore local connectivity.

Denver Post, 4/12/14

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