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Jun 21 2013 (785 reads)


In a meeting recently with the Office of Human Resources, we talked about Peak Performance and the Peak Academy creating a disruption in the work place.  It sounds a little dramatic…and maybe it is.  Disruption typically has a negative connotation.  However, in this case, disruption helps create movement and innovation. It is our role in the Peak Academy to show that disruption can actually translate to good, positive change that takes a little bit of adjustment and doesn’t have to be scary. 

Jun 21 2013 (671 reads)

“Buy in.” We hear this phrase frequently.  Why do people promote “buy in?”  We can cash out of anything we buy into, whether it’s a stock, a poker game, a time share or a house… “Buy in” gives us an option.  

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On Day One, Mayor Hancock launched his Peak Performance effort to support his administration's priorities of kids, jobs and safety net for the less fortunate. Instead of outside experts telling city workers how to do their jobs better, the Peak Performance approach invests in Denver's employees by giving them the tools to solve city problems. Through the Peak Performance initiative, city employees have identified inefficiencies and embraced a new culture of  innovation and improvement to eliminate inadequacies and provide the best service possible. Thanks to these employees’ efforts, the City of Denver will save $10 million annually by working to make each and every department operate at Peak Performance.

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