OHR and Animal Care Control (ACC)

OHR and Animal Care Control (ACC)

  • Fellow colleague from OHR (LaToya Linzey) received Black Belt training and facilitation coaching from Peak Academy to facilitate a VSA for ACC.
  • OHR invested in their client (ACC).
  • ACC identified four significant improvement opportunities as a result of the Value StreamAnalysis for Administrative Citations.
  • A “VSA” allows an organization to map a value stream and identify opportunities for Innovation.





"Investing in Ourselves"

  • Identified opportunites to reduce 3-to-7 day backlog of Admin Citations data entry (Future Rapid Improvement Event/RIE)
• Identified improvements to customer service
  •Colleague from Office of human Resources(OHR) facilitated event
•4 Black Belts participated
•7 new Green Belts certified!

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