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Jul 18 2013 (361 reads)

Earlier this year, an employee working for the city of Denver identified more than $45,000 (£29,000) in savings when she suggested cheaper postage for the 10,000 letters sent to customers. It is small innovations like this that have the greatest impact over time.

Jul 16 2013 (797 reads)

For innovation to succeed, we must cultivate a sense of worth for both ourselves and others. Do you encourage your colleagues? Do you embrace their ideas and help them achieve their goals? Do you keep trying even when someone else dismisses your suggestion? Or do you fall behind on a goal?

Jul 03 2013 (219 reads)

Nearly two years ago, our Executive Management team here at Denver Human Services (DHS) was invited to Denver Health to observe a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) read out. We were incredibly impressed with the creativity and thoroughness the team had put into the improvements they were making . In fact we were so impressed, we decided to go back for more. 

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On Day One, Mayor Hancock launched his Peak Performance effort to support his administration's priorities of kids, jobs and safety net for the less fortunate. Instead of outside experts telling city workers how to do their jobs better, the Peak Performance approach invests in Denver's employees by giving them the tools to solve city problems. Through the Peak Performance initiative, city employees have identified inefficiencies and embraced a new culture of  innovation and improvement to eliminate inadequacies and provide the best service possible. Thanks to these employees’ efforts, the City of Denver will save $10 million annually by working to make each and every department operate at Peak Performance.

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