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Jul 18 2013 (448 reads)

Earlier this year, an employee working for the city of Denver identified more than $45,000 (£29,000) in savings when she suggested cheaper postage for the 10,000 letters sent to customers. It is small innovations like this that have the greatest impact over time.

Jul 16 2013 (1288 reads)

For innovation to succeed, we must cultivate a sense of worth for both ourselves and others. Do you encourage your colleagues? Do you embrace their ideas and help them achieve their goals? Do you keep trying even when someone else dismisses your suggestion? Or do you fall behind on a goal?

Jul 03 2013 (260 reads)

Nearly two years ago, our Executive Management team here at Denver Human Services (DHS) was invited to Denver Health to observe a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) read out. We were incredibly impressed with the creativity and thoroughness the team had put into the improvements they were making . In fact we were so impressed, we decided to go back for more. 

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Denver’s Peak Performance is the process improvement team created under Mayor Michael Hancock. Peak partners with city agencies throughout the year to engage staff at all levels of innovative change aimed at improving the citizen’s experience with government. All change is measured for its value to the customer, such as reduced wait times, or its savings of tax payer dollars. Peak’s goal is to transform government from antiquated, bureaucratic, and wasteful systems into a customer-driven, creative, sustainable, and data-oriented government. 

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