By Mike Strott on 12/4/2013
In Denver, we take pride in our city. Whether it’s cleaning the riverbanks, making our homes energy efficient or conserving by watering our lawns less – I see residents taking significant steps to uplift this community every day.
By Mike Strott on 9/19/2013

Last week, I submitted my 2014 budget proposal for consideration by City Council, city employees, and the residents and businesses of Denver. I’m extremely proud of this plan – it is smart, responsible and allows us to continue restoring services lost during the recession.

By Mike Strott on 6/3/2012
The city of Denver has a new ordinance that prohibits unauthorized camping in public and private spaces. It's a necessary tool that will both ensure the vibrancy of our city and connect those in need with vital human services.
By Mike Strott on 5/16/2012
It’s impossible to miss the winds of change sweeping across America and Colorado in recent days. From the White House to our Statehouse, the clarion call to extend basic civil rights to same-sex couples has never been louder.
By Mike Strott on 4/30/2012
As Mayor, I’m charged with ensuring the health and safety of our City as a whole. To do this, I must balance the needs of our residents, businesses, neighborhoods and community partners.