Latest News Releases

Feb 16, 2013 (6760 reads)
Mayor Hancock and City Librarian Shirley Amore led library-lovers and city service supporters through the doors of the Central Library on Saturday morning to announce the city’s first round of expanded library hours for nine branches citywide.
Oct 31, 2014 (181 reads)
The city today released a report summarizing the hundreds of hours community stakeholders and officials from the Mayor’s Office, Department of Public Safety, Sheriff Department, City Council, Office of the Independent Monitor, Civil Service Commission, Career Service Board and City Attorney’s Office spent over the past several months conducting an in-depth examination of the Sheriff Department.
Oct 31, 2014 (120 reads)
Mayor Michael B. Hancock and a coalition of regional leaders today expressed their support for the Partial Cover Lowered (PCL) Alternative for the I-70 East project as the solution to resolve the challenges that face the primary transportation arterial and the affected surrounding neighborhoods.
Mayor Hancock Announces Several Appointments for Denver Boards and Commissions  Oct 29, 2014 (158 reads)
Denver Launches Project To Unlock $1.3 billion in Energy Savings  Oct 28, 2014 (259 reads)
Mayor Hancock, Arts, Culture and Science Institutions Expand MY Denver Card  Oct 27, 2014 (1010 reads)
Mayor Hancock Announces Team to Lead Denver Performing Arts Complex Re-imagining Project  Oct 22, 2014 (866 reads)
Mayor Hancock Announces Selection of Independent Review Team  Oct 16, 2014 (817 reads)
Denver City Government Moving at the Speed of You  Oct 10, 2014 (884 reads)
Mayor Hancock Hails Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage  Oct 06, 2014 (492 reads)
Mayor Hancock Statement on the Passing of Regis Groff  Oct 06, 2014 (481 reads)
Denver Sheriff Department Discipline Task Force Releases Reform Recommendations  Oct 02, 2014 (897 reads)

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