3-1-1: Denver Gets it Done

3-1-1: Denver Gets it Done

Friday, July 7, 2006

Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, Mayor’s Office

3-1-1: Denver Gets it Done
New Customer Service System for Denver Residents & Businesses Launches Friday

(DENVER) Need to schedule a building inspection? Want to know how to apply for a marriage license? Have a pothole to report? Now the City and County of Denver has an easy way for local residents and businesses to get information on any non-emergency City service: Simply dial 3-1-1.

Denver’s 3-1-1 customer service agents are available daily, seven days a week, from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. with limited coverage on holidays. Denverites can also access the 3-1-1 system by visiting www.denvergov.org, e-mailing 311@ci.denver.co.us, faxing 720-913-8490, or by walking into the 3-1-1 Call Center to speak to an agent in person at the Webb Municipal Building, 201 W. Colfax. 9-1-1 is still the number to call for emergencies.

“The 3-1-1 system will revolutionize Denver’s approach to customer service by enabling residents and businesses to reach a live, knowledgeable person with just one call to City Hall,” said Mayor John Hickenlooper. “Gone are the days of sifting through over 1,200 listings for Denver City services in the phone book’s ‘blue pages.’ Whether you need a park permit application, a pothole filled, or merely have a question, all you need is one number: 3-1-1.”

When calls come in to 3-1-1, trained customer service agents will provide information on the spot or assign a tracking number to the inquiry if a service is requested, such as fixing a broken traffic light. The tracking number allows citizens to follow their requests for service through the City system online at www.denvergov.org. Callers can also find out the status of a specific request or add more information or comments by referring to their specific 3-1-1 tracking number by phone, e-mail or fax.

In preparing to launch the 3-1-1 system, the City documented business processes in agencies throughout the City to find opportunities for greater efficiency and accountability. By assigning a tracking number to service requests, the City is able to better evaluate its performance.

3-1-1 will also improve public safety by reducing the number of non-emergency calls to 9-1-1 and providing another communication tool in a crisis. Almost 20 percent of the calls to Denver’s 9-1-1 number are non-emergency calls, and City officials hope those non-emergency calls will now come to 3-1-1, freeing 9-1-1 operators to address emergencies.

Currently, residents may call 3-1-1 from land lines within the City and County of Denver and from most cell phones. Surrounding jurisdictions have expressed interest in the 3-1-1 system and, with City and County of Denver officials, are exploring how a collaborative regional system could work.

With a Call Center staff of 29 people, the 3-1-1 staff anticipates taking over 800,000 calls in the first year of operation. 3-1-1 is a multi-lingual service that can communicate with callers in 182 different languages. 3-1-1 serves the deaf and hearing-impaired community through a TTY number: 720-913-8479.

3-1-1 Facts:

  • Phone: 3-1-1
  • Online: www.denvergov.org
  • E-mail: 311@ci.denver.co.us
  • Fax: 720-913-8490
  • TTY: 720-913-8479
  • 182: Number of languages 3-1-1 operators can access through a translation service
  • 3-1-1 Call Center Hours: 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. daily with limited coverage on holidays


  • Over 1,200: Current number of phone listings in Denver’s “blue pages.”
  • 4,000: Average number of calls per month to the Marriage License division.
  • 3,000: Average number of calls per month about loose dogs.
  • 2,300: Average number of calls per month about potholes.

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