Mayor Announces Police Task Force Members

Mayor Announces Police Task Force Members


Thursday, January 8, 2004

Lindy Eichenbaum Lent

Mayor Announces Police Task Force Members

Mayor John Hickenlooper announced Thursday the list of 38 individuals who will constitute his 90-day task force on the Denver Police Department’s use of force policy and civilian oversight. The task force, the creation of which was announced in mid-December, contains broad representation from the community as well as law enforcement and City officials.

Federico Alvarez, Former Denver District Court & County Court Judge; Attorney
Penfield Tate III, Former State Senator; Attorney

Roxanne Baca, Chair, Public Safety Review Commission (PSRC); Atty. Gen.’s Office
Adrienne Benavidez, Former PSRC Chair; Attorney; Community Activist
Joyce Bignell, Regional Exec. Dir., Ntl. Conference for Community & Justice
Paul Chan, Counsel, University of Denver
Brother Jeff Fard, Owner, Brother Jeff’s Cultural Café; Community Activist
Cisco Gallardo, Community Mentor and Activist
Tim Hall, Exec. Dir., Laradon (serving adults & children w/ special needs)
Carter Klenk, Colorado Anti-Violence Program; GLBT Community Activist
Larry Lefthandbull, American Indian Movement; Community Activist
Leroy Lemos, Founder, Justice for Mena; Community Activist
Rev. Paul Martin, Minister, Macedonia Baptist Church
Manuel Martinez, Attorney; Former Denver Manager of Safety
Bennie Milliner, Community Relations Manager, Denver Urban League
Karen Nakandakare, Researcher, UC Health Sciences Ctr.; Asian Advisory Council; Former PSRC Member
Cathy Phelps, Executive Director, Denver Center for Crime Victims
Joseph Sandoval, Metro State Criminal Justice Professor; Former PSRC Chair
Marge Taniwaki, Asian Community Activist; KGNU-FM Radio
Michelle Wheeler, Park Hill Community Justice Advocate


Al Archuleta, Police Protective Association
Jerry Duran, Sheriff's Latin American Law Enforcement Association (LALEA)
Lt. Lisa Fair, Women’s Police Organization
Robert Freund, Police Protective Association
Sgt. Frank Gale, Fraternal Order of Police, Denver Sheriff Lodge #27
Mike Jackson, Black Sheriff Protective Association
Lt. Rhonda Jones, Police Professional Standards Bureau
Sgt. Lenny Mares, Latino Police Officers Organization
Nick Rogers, Police Protective Association
Joe Unser, Black Police Officers Organization


Cole Finegan, City Attorney
Lucia Guzman, Director, Human Rights/Community Relations
Michael Hancock, City Councilman, District #11
Al LaCabe, Manager of Safety
Judy Montero, City Councilwoman, District #9
Lamar Sims, Chief Deputy District Attorney
Wayne Vaden, Clerk and Recorder
Gerry Whitman, Police Chief

Hickenlooper announced the creation of this short-term task force on December 16, 2003, in conjunction with a series of sweeping reforms intended to change the way the Denver Police Department interacts with Denver’s citizens, to provide officers the training and tools they need to protect public safety, and to help Denver restore public confidence in its police force. The reforms include broadening the scope of police training, increasing the availability of tasers and “less lethal” weapons for officers, providing enhanced legal and mental-health training to the police, adding citizens to the board that reviews police shootings, and recruiting a more diverse police force.

The task force will review the Administration’s proposals regarding the Police Department’s Use of Force Policy and civilian oversight, which include (1) placing a new preamble in the Use of Force Policy reinforcing DPD’s commitment to preserving human life and advocating that deadly force should only be employed when no other reasonable alternatives are available, (2) adding language to the Use of Force Policy clarifying that officers have the option to de-escalate the use of force if they believe that de-escalation makes sense in the situation in which they find themselves, and (3) proposed models for enhanced civilian oversight.

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