Mayor Announces Parking Amnesty Results

Mayor Announces Parking Amnesty Results


Wednesday, January 7, 2007

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Mayor Announces Parking Amnesty Results

(DENVER) Mayor John Hickenlooper announced Monday that nearly $2 million was collected during the city’s parking ticket late-fee amnesty program, exceeding expectations for this one-time venture. During the program, which ran from November 12 through December 31, 2003, the city temporarily waived late penalties enabling ticket holders to pay their original ticket amount(s), essentially cutting the late ticket prices in half.

Hickenlooper implemented the one-time-only parking ticket amnesty program to assist people in paying off their accumulated ticket debt so they no longer avoided downtown for fear of the boot, as well as to facilitate the collection of outstanding parking ticket revenues. The program’s launch coincided with Hickenlooper lowering downtown parking meter rates to $1/hour and making downtown parking meters free on Sundays.

"Our primary goal was to ensure that downtown Denver is truly ‘open for business’ for as many people as possible," Hickenlooper said. "By enabling ticket holders to wipe their proverbial slate clean, we are encouraging them to return downtown to shop, eat and enjoy cultural amenities, thereby stimulating the economy and generating even more revenues in the long run."

During the seven-week amnesty window, 80,558 tickets were paid totaling $1,919,177. A breakdown of the numbers according to the years the tickets were issued follows:

Tickets Paid During 2003 Amnesty
Pre-1991 1,679 $46,524
1991 90 $1,003
1992 90 $1,250
1993 88 $1,442
1994 149 $ 4,220
1995 165 $ 3,275
1996 256 $ 4,901
1997 250 $ 5,225
1998 373 $ 8,133
1999 710 $ 14,942
2000 806 $ 15,714
2001 1,470 $ 31,462
2002 3,137 $ 78,651
2003 71,295 $1,660,118

An additional $42,318 was paid for miscellaneous fees, bringing the revenue collection total to $1,919,177.

Of these tickets, roughly two-thirds were paid by mail. Paying in person at one of the city’s cashiering facilities was the second most popular payment method, with phone payments narrowly edging out Internet payments for third place.

Denver parking tickets incur a late penalty after 20 days with no payment. At the outset of the amnesty program, there were more than 1.1 million unpaid parking tickets in Denver, totaling more than $45 million, half of that amount representing late charges. Late penalties have now been restored to all outstanding tickets.

Now that the one-time amnesty program is concluded, ticket holders are encouraged to pay their tickets within 20 days to avoid a late penalty. In addition to mailing parking ticket payments, ticket holders have the following additional payment options:

Internet: Visit to pay tickets online with a credit card.

Pay-By-Phone: By dialing 303-296-2595, you can obtain general information, check the status of a ticket, or pay for a ticket by Visa or MasterCard 24-hours-a-day. Customer service representatives are available to handle specific questions on the hotline Monday through Friday, 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

Walk-In Payments: You can pay your ticket(s) in person at any of the following city cashiering facilities:

  • Bear Valley: 3100 S. Sheridan Boulevard, Unit 1-A

  • Central Denver Community Court: 3280 Downing Street

  • City and County Building: 1437 Bannock Street, Room 102

  • Montbello: Arie P. Taylor Municipal Building, 4685 Peoria Street

  • Northwest: 3698 West 44th Avenue

  • Parking Ticket Referree's Office: 110 16th Street, #765

  • Colorado Driver's License Office: 1865 West Mississippi Avenue
To avoid being stuck at a parking meter without enough quarters, Cash Keys are available with a $10 deposit at the following locations:

  • Webb Municipal Office Building, 201 West Colfax Avenue, 2nd Floor Cashier's Office

  • Petroleum Building, 110 16th Street, 7th Floor Cashier's Office

  • Wastewater Management Division, 2000 West 3rd Avenue, 1st Floor Cashier's Office

  • Downtown Denver Partnership - 511 16th Street, #200

  • Tattered Cover Bookstore - 16th and Wynkoop Streets

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