Mayor Hickenlooper & Filmmaker John Sayles Announce "Silver City" to be Filmed in Denver

Mayor Hickenlooper & Filmmaker John Sayles Announce "Silver City" to be Filmed in Denver


Thursday, August 8, 2003

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Mayor Hickenlooper & Filmaker John Sayles Announce "Silver City" to be Filmed in Denver

(DENVER) Hollywood is Denver-bound! Mayor John Hickenlooper joined writer/director John Sayles at the Oxford Hotel on Monday to announce that Sayles’ newest feature film, SILVER CITY, will begin filming in Denver on September 23, 2003. The film will be released next summer.

“In terms of the money spent locally, the jobs created, and the marketing value of promoting our region to moviegoers around the world, moviemaking is an incredibly valuable economic opportunity for Denver,” Mayor Hickenlooper said. ”I am absolutely thrilled that ‘Silver City’ will be filmed in the Mile High City!”

SILVER CITY is a mystery story, set against the backdrop of a political campaign. It will be filmed entirely in Colorado, mostly in Denver and Leadville. The cast is expected to be very large and will likely include Kris Kristofferson, Daryl Hannah, Denis Leary, and Chris Cooper, winner of this year's Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and currently on-screen in SEABISCUIT as trainer Tom Smith.

“Working alongside these internationally known actors will be local actors, as we always hire individuals from the communities where our films are made,” writer/director John Sayles said. “We do substantial outreach to community theaters and cultural organizations to identify local acting talent, employing both professionals and nonprofessionals in a great range of physical types.”

Over the coming weeks, the filmmakers will be soliciting residents in Denver and Leadville to submit photos to be considered for the 20 speaking parts and roughly 600 extras they plan to cast locally. All demographics are needed, particularly actors for the six Mexican-American/Chicano roles. To be considered, please send your photo to Silver City Films; Attn: Casting; 2401 15th Street, Suite 200; Denver, CO 80202. The filmmakers will also be hiring local individuals to work on the film crew and in other various departments

“In the few weeks we have been in Denver, scouting locations and looking for short-term housing and office space, we've met many who have made us feel welcome and offered to help in any way,” said producer Maggie Renzi. “Despite a healthy television commercial industry here, it's apparent that there is a strong local desire for more feature films to come to Denver.”

“The Denver Office of Art, Culture and Film is eager to work with any filmmaker considering making movies in Denver,” said Denise Montgomery, the newly appointed director of the Denver Office of Art, Culture and Film. “We welcome John Sayles and look forward to bringing more films to Denver in the years ahead.”

Sayles is considered the godfather of the Indy Film, and with producer Renzi, he has earned the reputation for making high quality films on low budgets. Among his 14 films are EIGHT MEN OUT, SECRET OF ROAN INISH, LONESTAR, SUNSHINE STATE and CASA DE LOS BABYS, which will be released this fall.

“We are delighted to have a filmmaker of John Sayles’ caliber making a movie in Colorado,” said Stephanie Two Eagles of the Colorado Film Commission.

Typically Sayles' films explore themes of community and diversity and are distinguished by the authenticity with which they portray different regions of the world, especially in the United States. Among the many places where Sayles and Renzi have filmed are Juneau, Alaska (LIMBO), southwest Louisiana (PASSION FISH), and the Texas-Mexico border (LONESTAR).

Recognizable human behavior is a hallmark of the films and in them the audience hears from all sectors of the human experience: old and young, winners and losers, African-American, Mexican, Chicano, Mexican-American, Native American and more.

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