COOL BIZ returns to City buildings

COOL BIZ returns to City buildings

 The Cool Biz energy conservation program has returned to City buildings this year. This message was sent to all City Employees this morning:
“This week marks the official start of summer, which serves as a good reminder about the importance of energy conservation this time of year. Since 2008, the City has applied the same summer energy-saving principles in public buildings that most of us already do in our homes. This month, the Cool Biz program is back to help the City reduce the $17 million annual cost to heat, cool and power City buildings.

“The temperature in most City buildings will gradually change to reflect the warmer outdoor temperatures. To ensure that everyone remains comfortable without excessive air conditioning, all Employees are encouraged to adopt a relaxed dress code by wearing light-weight clothing, short sleeves, open-collared shirts, and by removing ties and jackets as often as they are able.


“By raising our thermostats only a few degrees, we can reduce cooling costs and significantly decrease the amount of energy we use in City buildings. During the summer of 2009 alone, we saved $175,000 by having City buildings participate in the program.


“Many City Employees have suggested that the Cool Biz program should be extended to save energy during the winter months as well, when utility costs are at their highest. Be on the lookout for information about a winter program later this year, and continue to e-mail other energy and cost-saving tips to the Greenprint Denver office at”  




Posted on Jun 22, 2010 (Archive on Aug 21, 2010)
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