Key City administrators join Hancock administration

Key City administrators join Hancock administration

Mayor Michael B. Hancock today joined family, friends and city employees for the Swearing-in Ceremony of 14 key city administrators.


With an outpouring of applicants to help lead Denver forward, five permanent members of Mayor Hancock's Cabinet were among those sworn-in: Chief of Fire Department Eric Tade, Under Sheriff Gary Wilson, Director of Excise and Licenses Tom Downey, Manager of Finance Cary Kennedy and Manager of Aviation Kim Day.


"I am honored to have such highly qualified people to support the work of our administration," Mayor Hancock said. "I want to welcome the new members of our Cabinet, and give my gratitude to those of you who will continue to serve and provide stability in this time of transition. Now let's get to work."


In addition, nine department directors have agreed to continue to work for the city while Mayor Hancock continues interviews for those positions:

Chief of Police Gerald Whitman

City Attorney David Broadwell

Manager of General Services Derek Brown

Manager of Environmental Health

Manager of Parks and Recreation Doddy Erikson

Manager of Public Works George Delaney

Manager of Safety Charles Garcia

Manager Human Services Penny May

Manager of Community Planning and Development Peter Parks

Posted on Jul 18, 2011 (Archive on Aug 18, 2011)
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