Mayor Hancock celebrates building renovation of North High School

Mayor Hancock celebrates building renovation of North High School

Mayor Michael B. Hancock today joined Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg, Councilwoman Judy Montero and DPS School Board Vice-President Arturo Jimenez in celebrating the dedication of North High School's newly renovated 1911 building.


A new library and lecture hall serves as the cornerstone of the high school's renovation project, an effort to turnaround the sometimes faltering school and improve the educational experience for attending students.


"Good schools and a better education should never be a luxury for any of our children," Mayor Hancock said. "It will take tough conversations, and long nights spent in libraries and auditoriums – with all of us working towards solutions for every child and school. But in those challenges there's always opportunity for all of Denver's students."


Mayor Hancock, who spoke about the importance of quality education for all students in Denver and the importance of engagement in education, used the ribbon cutting to make his first official event in partnership with Denver Public Schools. The event also saw the dedication of the newly renovated rooms to Wally Ginn, a former teacher at the high school, and Former State Senator Paul Sandoval, who made education reform one of the pillars of his political career.

Posted on Jul 29, 2011 (Archive on Aug 28, 2011)
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