Mayor Hancock Announces Appointments to the Commission on Homelessness

Mayor Hancock Announces Appointments to the Commission on Homelessness

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock today announced his appointments to Denver’s Commission on Homelessness. The Commission is charged with overseeing implementation of Denver’s Road Home, the City’s ten-year plan to end homelessness.

“Addressing challenges and finding opportunities surrounding homelessness are key to Denver’s long-term vitality and my administration,” Mayor Hancock said. “We are working hard to deliver a world-class city where everyone matters. I trust these committed individuals will demonstrate the community-oriented and comprehensive approach we will continue to take with this issue.”

The Commission on Homelessness functions as a collaborative partnership between the City, community, and the nonprofit, foundation and private sectors. Members of the Commission are selected based on their knowledge of issues regarding homelessness and local resources, and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. The appointments are not subject to approval by City Council.

Recently reappointed and appointed members of the Commission on Homelessness include:

  • Judy Montero – Denver City Councilmember, District 9
  • Jeanne Robb – Denver City Councilmember, District 10
  • Roger Armstrong – Executive Director, Capitol Hill United Neighbors
  • Christine Benero – President and CEO, Mile High United Way
  • Geoff Bennett – President, Samaritan House
  • Ed Blair – General Manager, Oxford Hotel
  • Shawn DeBerry – Family and Homelessness Initiative
  • Steven Gould – Homeless Advocate
  • Ismael Guerrero – Executive Director, Denver Housing Authority
  • Mike Henry – Board of Directors, Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation
  • Nikki Jackson – Communications consultant
  • Tom Leuhrs – President, St. Francis Center
  • Randle Loeb – Homeless Advocate
  • Commander Tony Lopez – Denver Police Department, District 6
  • Brad Meuli – President, Denver Rescue Mission
  • John Parvensky – Executive Director, Colorado Commission for the Homeless
  • Kay Ramachandran – Executive Director, Urban Peak
  • Gary Sanford – Director, Colorado Community and Interagency Council on Homelessness

  • Albus Brooks – Denver City Councilmember, District 8
  • Debbie Ortega – Denver City Councilmember, At-Large
  • Rick Barnes – Owner, The Denver Voice
  • Jill Barkin – Vice President of Philanthropy, JPMorgan Chase Foundation
  • Don Burnes – Former Homeless Advocate, Evaluation Specialist
  • Terrell Curtis – Executive Director, Delores Project
  • Tami Door – President and CEO, Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Andrew Feinstein – Part-Owner, EXDO Events Center and RHINO Neighborhood
  • Susan France – Vice President, Bonfils Foundation
  • Leslie Foster – Executive Director, The Gathering Place
  • Jeff Hirota – Program Officer, The Denver Foundation
  • Doug Hock – President, Encana Oil
  • Regina Huerter – Executive Director, Denver Crime Prevention and Control Commission
  • Sharon Knight – Executive Director, Warren Village
  • Penny May – Manager, Denver Human Services
  • Victoria McVicker – Executive Director, Safe House
  • Nancy Rider – Employment Specialist, Bayaud Enterprises
  • Paul Ryan – Director of Regional Affairs, City and County of Denver
  • Richard Sharf – President and CEO, Visit Denver
  • John Schlegel – Owner, Snooze Restaurants
  • Anita Wesley – Program Officer, Rose Community Foundation

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