Mayor Hancock Announces Two Administration Appointments

Mayor Hancock Announces Two Administration Appointments

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock today announced two appointments of dedicated City stewards to top positions within the administration.

The Mayor appointed Eric Hiraga as the first deputy manager of executive administration and chief of staff for Denver International Airport (“DIA”) and reappointed John Lucero as deputy director of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development (“OED”).

“Eric and John are smart, committed and innovative leaders for Denver and we are proud to have them continue to serve this city and its residents,” Mayor Hancock said. “These two men have proven they’ll be strong assets to our team as we work to deliver a world class city where everyone matters.”

Hiraga and Lucero will serve similar functions with their respective offices, helping to direct the daily operations, to manage staff within their departments and to improve the overall quality of life for those who live, work and create jobs in Denver.

Hiraga has a long history with the City and County of Denver. He worked as Debt Administrator for the Department of Finance where he was responsible for managing the issuance of municipal bonds, creating special taxing districts and administering Denver’s private activity bond allocation.

Before working for the Department of Finance, Hiraga was an International Trade Specialist for the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade. He worked in the private sector as Vice President of Development Finance for Denver-based real estate development firm Trademark Communities, LLC., before joining the management team at DIA.

“Eric is an essential member of the DIA team and his proven experience working in other departments within the City and at Denver International Airport demonstrates his effectiveness and value to the City,” Manager of Aviation Kim Day said. “This appointment confirms the Mayor’s dedication to our airport and is a great way to begin a successful 2012 at DIA.”

With more than 20 years of experience in management, operations and marketing, Lucero has proven skills to help drive economic success for Denver. Previously serving as an well-known, statewide advocate for affordable, private property and fair housing rights, he has successfully represented the interests of local small businesses, non-profit agencies, property owners and neighborhood associations.

Lucero served on the Denver Zoning Code Task Force and its Residential Subcommittee in developing the New Zoning Code. He has more than 15 years experience as a real estate broker, developer and sales manager with Lucero Real Estate, and previously worked as Vice President of Procurement and Product Services for Hotel Systems Support Group Inc.

“I’m honored to have John on board as my deputy director to further build a healthy business climate and sustainable neighborhoods for the City and County of Denver,” Director of OED Paul Washington said. “He has proven himself to be a key, trusted partner over the early months of my tenure. I look forward to working with John to implement OED’s upcoming strategic plans, ultimately driving additional private sector economic growth and job creation for Denver.”

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