Denver City Government Offices will Close this Afternoon on a Staggered Schedule Beginning at 3PM

Denver City Government Offices will Close this Afternoon on a Staggered Schedule Beginning at 3PM

DENVER – Denver city government offices will close this afternoon on a staggered release schedule beginning at 3 p.m. today.  All Denver Libraries and Recreation Centers will close at 3 p.m.

The office of the City Council will close on a staggered schedule at 3 p.m. The office of the Clerk and Recorder will close on a staggered schedule beginning at 2 p.m.

Trash and recycling collection services performed by Denver Public Works will maintain regularly scheduled collections today.

Call the Denver Snow Line (720-865-SNOW/7669) or visit for any additional updates.

Additional Information

For more winter storm safety information: Winter Awareness Tips  and Winter Storm Preparedness.

A brief update below will give you some tips on dealing with tomorrow’s commute, what Public Works is doing to manage heavy snowfall on City streets, and safe ways to deal with downed branches and power lines, as well as info on how to be a great neighbor and a great pet owner during snowfall.

EVENING commute will be difficult, heavy snowfall expected during drive-time.
  • Main streets are snow packed but passable with low lane visibility; drivers should proceed with caution and be very aware of their surroundings.
  • Because of the significant snowfall, snow plowed on main streets and residential streets will be pushed to the sides of the road, potentially resulting in berms; please do not shovel this snow back into the travel lanes on main streets or residential streets.
  • Drivers are encouraged to drive with caution and allow extra time to arrive at their destination.
  • During the evening commute, our plows will be in traffic alongside commuters. Please give the plows plenty of room to maneuver, and remember that they aren’t able to work as efficiently during rush hour as they can overnight or in off-commute hours.

Public Works strategies for snow removal:
  • HEAVY PLOWS: The City’s entire fleet of 68 heavy plows were deployed when snow began to accumulate on the pavement, plowing and spreading de-icing materials as needed. The large plows will apply both Ice Slicer and liquid Magnesium Chloride to Denver’s main streets, identified as streets with stripes.
  • HEAVY EQUIPMENT: Several pieces of construction equipment (motor-graders and front-end loaders) are prepared to address significant drifting in outlying areas of the City.
  • LIGHT PLOWS: A total of 126 light plows (4x4 pick-up trucks and small dump trucks with plows) have been deployed on Denver residential streets (or side streets) and will stay deployed until further notice. The residential plows will take one pass down the middle of each residential street to skim off accumulated snow, preventing thick snow pack; the residential plows will not be plowing the streets to bare pavement. This process basically removes a layer of the accumulation, keeping the street manageable. The residential plows will not be spreading any materials (de-icing).

  • Denver Forestry and Xcel Energy offer the following advice when dealing with snow-laden branches on trees and fallen branches and/or power lines:
  • Check to make sure the tree is safe and clear of all utility lines prior to removing snow; do not attempt to shake snow off of a tree if a utility line is going through it.
  • If the tree is clear of utility lines, using a broom, remove as much snow as possible from branches.
  • Do not attempt to climb tree or use ladder to reach higher limbs.
  • Sometimes branches heavy with snow take down power lines/cables. Stay clear of downed lines and report them immediately to Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-1999. If a power line has fallen onto a vehicle, stay away from the vehicle. Seek help immediately by calling 911.
  • If a tree limb is broken on a public right-of-way, citizens are asked to contact Denver forestry to assess damage and tree safety. For trees on private property, citizens can visit for a list of licensed and insured tree care contractors.

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