Mayor Hancock’s Statement in Honor of Black History Month

Mayor Hancock’s Statement in Honor of Black History Month

DENVER- Mayor Michael B. Hancock issued the following statement in recognition of Black History Month:

“Black History Month shines a bright light on the critical progress that has occurred in our nation, while concentrating our efforts on what we have yet to accomplish. In that spirit, I encourage all Denver residents to consider what we can do to continue this progress, to continue to build a nation where everyone is afforded an equal opportunity to succeed.

“This month, we celebrate the efforts of African-Americans throughout our nation’s history – people who dedicate their lives to equality for every individual. This year in particular, we pay special tribute to the achievements of the countless African American women, past and present, who work to shape the course of our nation’s history. Many stand today as unsung heroes but their contributions and achievements have helped pave the way for equal rights.

“As we recognize and celebrate Black History Month, let us use this time to remind ourselves of our own journeys and the choices we face every day. And as we deliver a world-class city where everyone matters, let us engage all of Denver’s communities in the spirit of those who have fought for equality and helped shape what our country is today.”

Posted on Feb 07, 2012 (Archive on Mar 07, 2012)
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