Mayor Hancock Waives DMV Furlough Days to Improve Customer Service

Mayor Hancock Waives DMV Furlough Days to Improve Customer Service

DENVER Mayor Michael B. Hancock today waived the four furlough days remaining in 2012 for the Denver Motor Vehicle Division.  This action is part of the Mayor’s ongoing efforts to improve customer service throughout the City.

“I am dedicated to making Denver better, faster and stronger,” Mayor Hancock said. “Keeping our DMV open during furlough days is not just about cutting down wait times. It’s about being more efficient, more effective and providing the highest level of service to our customers, the neighborhoods, residents and businesses of Denver.”

The exemption of the DMV from furlough days was identified through Mayor Hancock’s Peak Performance initiative: a common sense, data-driven approach to identifying efficiencies and cost savings in our departments and running government more like a business.  The DMV is one of eight departments piloting the initiative.

This action will go into effect on the next furlough day on March 23. Waiving the furlough requirement from the DMV will reduce customer wait times and provide additional days of operation for customers.  At present, wait times at the four DMV service centers are approximately one hour.   

As part of Peak Performance, the DMV is also reviewing the entire operations of the department including: developing strategies to increase the number of renewals online and through traditional mail, exploring ways to strengthen the partnership between the City and regional partners, and seeking out and implementing best practices.

Denver’s Department of Motor Vehicle processes motor vehicle registrations, titles, temporary permits and license plates for City and County of Denver residents.  It operates four centers in Denver and is comprised of 46 employees that process over 640,000 transactions a year.

Posted on Feb 27, 2012 (Archive on Mar 27, 2012)
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