Mayor Hancock Kicks-off Good Government Committee to Shape Smart City

Mayor Hancock Kicks-off Good Government Committee to Shape Smart City

DENVER – Mayor Michael B. Hancock on Friday will kick-off the work of the Good Government Committee, created to assess how the city’s government operates, as dictated by charter and ordinance, and offer innovative ways to better meet the needs of a smart, 21st century city.

The Committee is an extension of the Mayor’s Peak Performance initiative to make city government more efficient, effective and customer-focused by improving processes and services.

“We are charged with evaluating and re-evaluating all aspects of city government to deliver a sustainable city structure that is built to support an unparalleled quality of life for today and for generations we will never meet,” Mayor Hancock said. “That means taking a hard look at how our city operates, finding innovative ways to lower costs and providing convenient customer service to our residents.”

Streamlining the city’s charter and ordinances was included among the
recommendations presented to Mayor Hancock by the Structural Financial Task Force in January of last year. The Task Force recommended studying the value of a charter review and determining if it would result in a more efficient city.

The Committee will focus on three specific areas of city policy, ordinances and charter:
    • Organizational Structure
    • Public Safety
    • Personnel Management

Additional finance and elections topics will also be reviewed and recommendations will be proposed.

“The work of this group will be led primarily by those who know the city best: our current and former city employees. I want to thank these members’ dedication to delivering a modern city structure that is built to last,” Mayor Hancock said.

G2 Committee members:
    • Andrew Armatas, former County Court Judge
    • Deb Bartleson, City Council Legislative Analyst
    • Albus Brooks, City Councilmember, District 8
    • Lauri Dannemiller, Manager of Parks and Recreation
    • George Delaney, Chief Operating Officer of Public Works
    • Elias Diggins, Division Chief of Sheriff Department
    • Jeanne Faatz,  District 2 City Councilmember
    • Doug Friednash, City Attorney
    • Ledy Garcia-Eckstein, Director of Workforce Development of the Office of Economic Development
    • Helen Gonzales, former Director of Excise and License
    • Chris Herndon,  District 11 City Councilmember
    • Eric Hiraga, Deputy Manager of Aviation
    • Ashley Kilroy, Deputy Manager of Safety
    • Dr. Marjorie Lewis, Center for Community Excellence & Social Justice
    • Michelle Lucero, Chief Legal Officer of the Colorado Children’s Hospital (former Deputy City Attny)
    • Chris Nevitt, District 7 City Councilmember
    • Stephanie O’Malley, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Mayor
    • Gloria Rubio-Cortez, Executive Director of the National Civic League
    • Ed Scholz, Vice President of Finance and Business Operations, Denver Museum of Nature and Science(former Chief Financial Officer for the City of Denver)
    • Janice Sinden, Chief of Staff to the Mayor
    • Mary Beth Susman, President of City Council
    • Robert Tade, former Division Chief of Fire Department
    • Barbara Thompson, Executive Vice President of the Mountain States Employers Council
    • Clay Vigoda, Director of Government and Community Relations for the Auditor

The first Good Government Committee meeting will take place at the City and County Building in the Parr Widener Room tomorrow, March 1, 2013 at 1 p.m. It is open to the public.

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