Mayor Hancock Rolls Out New Transparency Website

Mayor Hancock Rolls Out New Transparency Website

Transparent Denver gives public unprecedented access to city finances and assets

Denver—Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Deputy Mayor and Chief Financial Officer Cary Kennedy today rolled out Denver’s new transparency website.  Transparent Denver is an open and accessible site developed for the public to monitor the city’s management of public assets.  It’s a one-stop site that’s user-friendly, features an interactive/searchable checkbook, and offers 24-hour self-service access into the city’s financial activities.

To visit the site, go to

“Public trust is a critical dynamic of a global city,” said Mayor Michael Hancock. “We made a firm commitment to making city government more open, accountable and accessible to the residents of Denver. Transparent Denver is the realization of that commitment.”

The site features two critical elements: transparency—access to real-time information and accountability—access to how the city is spending taxpayers’ money.

It is also part of Mayor Hancock’s “eDenver” initiative, a commitment to provide easy, 24-hour access to city services right from your office, your living room or wherever you are with your smart device.  The new site was developed collaboratively by the Mayor’s Office, the Controller’s Office, and Technology Services.

The main feature of Transparent Denver is the Online Checkbook that will give constituents the opportunity to view the city’s financial information in searchable formats.  In addition, visitors to the site will be able to:|

  • Search expenses by vendor, category or agency for 2013 and the last five years;
  • Review financial and budget reports;
  • Review investments by the city;
  • Review and search the city’s current property inventory; and
  • Register and pay business taxes online.

“Smart government works for its people by meeting them where they are,” Mayor Hancock stressed again.  “City expenditures have always been public record, but Transparent Denver makes them available and easily searchable in a user-friendly format that residents can access anytime, from anywhere.”

To visit Transparent Denver, go to

Visitors to the site can provide the city with comments by emailing:

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