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Aug 29 2013 (1073 reads)
A year ago, the Peak Academy embarked on a journey with a simple premise: that with more than 10,000 employees, the city’s government workers are our largest single asset. Think about it. More than 60% of the total budget is invested into the people who provide services, supports and infrastructure to the City and County of Denver, Colorado.
Aug 14 2013 (285 reads)
To become more efficient and effective at our jobs, we often delegate work and other tasks. Yet, we have done a great job over the years of delegating our own accountability as well.
Aug 14 2013 (269 reads)

From handing families $50 to start college savings plans to creating open platforms for citizen participation, here are the best examples of innovation worth spreading that are coming from local government.

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Denver’s Peak Performance is the process improvement team created under Mayor Michael Hancock. Peak partners with city agencies throughout the year to engage staff at all levels of innovative change aimed at improving the citizen’s experience with government. All change is measured for its value to the customer, such as reduced wait times, or its savings of tax payer dollars. Peak’s goal is to transform government from antiquated, bureaucratic, and wasteful systems into a customer-driven, creative, sustainable, and data-oriented government. 

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