Buy In

Buy In

Dear Peak Academy team:

“Buy in.” We hear this phrase frequently.  Why do people promote “buy in?”  We can cash out of anything we buy into, whether it’s a stock, a poker game, a time share or a house… “Buy in” gives us an option. 

But when we talk about continuous improvement, we talk about real change that demands real commitment.  We encourage our team, the city, the individual to believe continuous improvement and believe change will make it better.  Belief gives us courage.   When we move from “buy in” to belief, we move to a place where there is no option except for change.  We create an environment where continuous improvement becomes a constant for our job and our team and we create a process that serves the customer, the city and the employees.  While discussing this idea with our team, we came across this article:

June 2013

The following graphs depict the goals for the Denver Peak Academy.  Goals for 2013 include identifying $10,000,000 in efficiency opportunities, training 180 Black Belts and 1,000 Green Belts—all of which add up to real change. Thank you for believing in our goals and having the courage to work together with us to achieve them.

Posted on Jun 21 2013 (Archive on Jul 21 2013)
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